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By: Tom Chung 05/27/2021

10 benefits of having a kiosk system in your store

Self-service kiosks allow you to reach more customers, increase revenue and sales opportunities. Placing them in strategic places with attractive offers and messages can attract more consumers and create a greater brand identity.

Following are the main benefits to be achieved by implementing an interactive kiosk strategy.

10 benefits of having a Kiosk system in your store:

1. Improve the customer's shopping experience:

The interactive kiosks offer consumers detailed information about the services and/or products that each business offers. Customers find it convenient to visit a kiosk to check product prices, availability, and feature comparison. These kits help save time and give consumers confidence that the company is using the latest technologies to enhance their shopping experience. These factors promote the loyalty of your customers.

2. Increase customer base:

By installing interactive kiosks in strategic locations, a business can reach more and more customers without making costly investments in additional physical spaces. This approach increases revenue opportunities by expanding the customer base, which upsurges the possibility that the business will sell more products.

3. Reduce the cost of business:

A company with an interactive self-service kiosk strategy can provide more services at the best competitive cost. This is achieved because an information kiosk can provide the customer with answers to many of their questions about purchasing any product, allowing the stores to focus their labor costs on sales professionals who can help increase total sales volume.

Additionally, by streamlining the total number of employees required to serve its customers, a business can also cut costly administrative resources.

4. Increased efficiency through various applications:

In addition to simplifying the overall shopping experience for consumers, interactive kiosks are highly expandable and offer the ability to simplify many of the other features of the business which require typically human interaction.

As mentioned above, by providing these services through an electronic interface on demand, the consumer can perform multiple tasks in a single interactive kiosk, which offers a highly efficient and highly satisfying user experience.

5. Increase job satisfaction:

Because interactive kiosks can tackle many of the inquiries of the customers that are not related directly to sales, store employees can focus their efforts more on increasing sales, which will ultimately generate more and more revenue. This increased revenue will benefit employees as generally an improvement in store numbers will be reflected in increased commissions for the employee.

In addition to the above, companies can use the interactive kiosks for their internal HR needs, such as publicizing their benefits packages and keeping employees up to date on the latest HR policies.

6. Automate check-in and check-out from the self-service kiosk:

If we talk about the hospitality sector, with a self-service kiosk you will save your guests the long check-in and check-out process at reception. With this, you will also be able to make a good first impression of your hotel. These mobile kiosks allow your guests to perform self-check-in and check-out. That works in a moment; incidentally reducing the work of the reception staff.

7. Manage guest profiles and reservations from the mobile kiosk:

Instead of manually jotting down guest details, self-service mobile kiosks allow them to create their profiles and fill in basic guest details, likes, preferences, travel history, etc. This will help you maintain, without errors, the data of your customers and thus serve them according to their preferences.

Through the self-completed data of the guests, you can surprise them by offering them some detail or offer for their birthday or on any special occasion.

It also gives guests an option to extend their stay at the hotel, modify reservations, add guests, additional bedding, or even cancel their reservation.

8. Use guest data for marketing purposes:

Hotel mobile kiosks enhance the ability to sell packages and services to guests. Your hotel may use the stored information to create personalized marketing emails for your guests.

You can identify the most lucrative customer segments and offer them customized hotel packages. All of this makes things simple for both guests and hotel staff. Start offering special discounts or happy hours and watch your hotel's revenue grow.

9. Self-service kiosks offer a “contactless” experience:

These are new times and the trend is to adopt a “contactless” experience for guests. Self-service kiosks are a perfect fit in this regard. Guests can easily locate your hotel location, request a pick-up or delivery service, view pending invoices, settle payments, and much more; all from the mobile self-service kiosk.

So, not only will you provide guests with contactless travel, but with the self-service kiosks, you also allow them to perform various operations on the go.

10. Intelligent system:

Thanks to the big data technology in the Kiosk system, which is the basis of its software, the management of shifts through the self-service kiosks is intuitive and can be automated.

Thus, these kiosks can be a very profitable method to accelerate the growth of any establishment.

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