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By: Tom Chung 08/20/2021

How Technology is Transforming the Outdoor Advertising Industry

Advertising has evolved over the years. Today, outdoor advertisement is finding new techniques and methods to attract prospective customers. It tries to engage the customers using digital technology that includes digital screens, image recognition technology, social integration, and others to create exciting options. Brands are focused on finding the best method to engage customers and make them loyal to the brand. Hence, most of them have embraced the latest technology that can enhance the interaction with the customers and make their experience memorable. Let’s see how technology has impacted the outdoor advertising industry and the man techniques offering success to brands or services.

Use Of Technology In Outside Advertising Industry

With digital media becoming popular, most customers buy a product after they see the advertisement on television or radio. The advancement of information technology has resulted in more customers seeking the brand after getting information on the internet. It resulted in the reduced prominence of Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising. But, OOH has embraced technology to keep up with the other marketing techniques. And, as a result, the latest cutting-edge technology used has captured the attention of the people and allowed personal interaction to satisfy the customers. How has it become possible? Due to the inclusion of the following in the outdoor advertising:

Use Of Kiosk

Kiosk refers to the stand-alone booth placed temporarily in the high-traffic area for marketing. The small device is electronic or manned by people. It is one of the cost-effective outdoor marketing techniques that has attracted the attention of emerging entrepreneurs. Upcoming business people can make their brand or service visible using the flexible marketing technique. It is more functional compared to billboards or other signage. Kiosk advertisement has become the rage as it seems more effective than the traditional form of advertisement. In the long run, it is more cost-effective as it offers measurable returns on investment. Digital kiosk advertising helps with data collection from the customers. So, you can send personalized messages to your customers or send them offers that can convert to sales. The ad content developed on the data collected from the customers helps you develop the best strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

Placing kiosks in high-traffic areas such as malls, movie theaters, stadiums, airports, lifestyle centers, or train stations can make an impression on the customers. Using smart kiosks, your customers can find information, learn more about the products, and connect with your brand better. The multi-functional kiosks are known for wase of maintenance and easy deployment.

Advertising Automation

Outdoor advertising has evolved drastically over the past few years. More and more brands use new mediums to target prospective customers and follow the trend for a positive impact. One of the technologies turning around advertising is the process of automating diverse areas of outdoor advertisement. Software automation is the major change that can minimize human intervention in the advertisement. Using various software and sophisticated tools, automated processes of advertising can save time. Software automation in advertising can free 30% of your time. It also helps with several other features such as:

• Using automation, the advertising industry can deliver personalized ad campaigns for your business. It is customized to meet the demands of prospective customers. Such campaigns feel similar to online retargeting and the personalized ads that show results.

• Live online availability instead of using spreadsheets or phone calls can help your business capture small sales with little or no effort. Hence, your sales team has time to focus on matters requiring their immediate attention such as building client relationships and meeting their target.

• Automated outdoor advertising software systems can help focus on purchasing individual out-of-home assets based on geography. Based on the details, it is possible to make adjustments in the advertising format, display the frequency of the digital advertisements. It can also help in developing a strategy for outdoor advertisement.

• Automation can help in monitoring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns that have created a problem for marketing experts. Automation can track the campaign effectiveness along with accurate mapping of returns on investment.

Automation helps create smarter plans and products for outdoor advertisements that will show effective results.

Use Of Smart Technology In Advertising

It is the age of smart technology. Everywhere you turn, you can see it. From smartphones, smart TVs, to the smart refrigerator, the technology has captivated the interest of customers. Today, most customers like personalized ads that target their needs. It must cater to their specific interests and demographics rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Advertisers need to offer a personalized experience by making use of the latest trends and technology including data-driven creativity, smart speakers, marketing automation, and involving local influencers.

Smart advertising uses three main pieces of technology such as:

• Artificial intelligence

• Immersive media

• Device motion

Using the three components helps trigger and sustain user engagement. It will make the customer move through the sales funnel. A digital immersive advertisement unit can grab the attention of the users. It also responds to the movement of the device or allows the user to land on the promotion page. If your business wishes to attract customers, you need to seek the assistance of advertisers using the smart advertising game plan for a personalized experience.

To stay on top of the customer’s mind, the advertising industry has to include the latest and sophisticated technologies. It aids in keeping up with the ever-changing trends that can attract customer attention. Only a platform with a strong foundation team of experts with knowledge on the latest methods of marketing can offer viable solutions for businesses to surge ahead of the competition. Marketing experts know the customer reacts and buys a product. If your business is trying to stay ahead of the competition, you need assistance from experts like The team of experts uses the latest technology to enhance the outdoor advertising experience. The expert team always keeps them updated with the emerging technologies to know the perfect tools and best practices to connect with the audience and the brand. With the latest skills, the team of experts can help you reach your business goal with ease.

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