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By: Tom Chung 05/28/2021

How can a temperature screening kiosk benefit my business?

The temperature control kiosk: All places where people congregate must adhere to social distancing and identify people with high temperatures due to COVID-19.

In response, now we have an automated identity and temperature monitoring tool that enables companies to verify people's temperatures.

“Necessity is the mother of invention”:

While this proverb is true, we can say that COVID-19 created the need for technology capable of facial recognition along with temperature measurement.

And it certainly generated a demand for this combination in an accelerated way, in addition, we put this together with biometric detection and we have a powerful tool to protect clients, employees, guests, etc...

Businesses, schools, airports, institutions, and government facilities are eager to resume operations after more than two months of closure, but they need to force social distancing and identify people with high temperatures.

Due to this need and with the desire to help companies, the software development team led by the project management team has brought temperature screening Kiosk to the market with great enthusiasm.

What is a temperature screening Kiosk?

Temperature control kiosk is an access control and body temperature measurement product. Through the use of an infrared digital thermometer, it shows the result of the reading on the control screen, allowing access to workers or customers according to the result obtained.

In addition, depending on the model chosen and thanks to an automated hydroalcoholic gel dispenser, it facilitates disinfection before entering the establishment.

Under the epidemic situation, non-contact temperature measurement access control terminals have become the necessary equipment for enterprises to resume work.

Today, many companies use the facial recognition temperature measurement access control terminal.

First of all, facial recognition can replace the original card attendance and fingerprint identification attendance machine, effectively reducing the transmission of contacts.

Second, the temperature function can detect the employee's body temperature in advance. Infrared thermography can achieve non-contact temperature measurement, which will avoid human contact and reduce the huge workload of manual temperature measurement.

Create a safe and healthy environment:

Prevent someone with a high temperature from entering an installation. In addition, face mask detection allows you to quickly identify who is not wearing a mask to put it on before going into your business.

Provide peace of mind:

Give employees, customers, and visitors peace of mind by reducing the number of potentially infected people within your facility.

Convenient and effective for large companies:

Temperature control kiosks are particularly useful for large companies operating from different locations. With a stable and centralized system, the selection processes are not only convenient but also highly efficient.

Temperature Control Kiosk Features:

Non-contact, automated temperature control:

A built-in infrared temperature module uses thermal images to scan temperatures in less than a second with an accuracy of ± 0.5 ° C. Because the kiosk reads temperature on the forehead, the scan works even when someone is wearing a mask.

Accurate facial recognition

Store up to 30,000 faces in the database at any time for faster and more accurate facial recognition and comparison, even when someone is wearing a mask. Allows access to preselected individuals and stores temperature readings. Visitors and guests can also be screened anonymously.

Integration with security and access control systems:

Integrate the kiosk with any security or door access system using the Wiegand connection interface. Using the included software, access conditions such as acceptable temperature range and mask detection can be defined.

Remote management software:

The cloud-hosted, PC-based software enables the kiosks to be deployed and managed from a central point, to monitor users and their activities, and to collect employee and access logs, all from a single dashboard. The software is also included at no additional cost.

Visual and auditory alerts:

An on-screen warning is displayed with an optional audio message and the traffic light-type LEDs flash when a temperature abnormality is detected, at a user-defined threshold.

Flexible by design:

It's easy to mount your unit wherever you want. It can be placed on pedestals, walls, and tables. All models have an integrated blue LED light strip.

HDMI output:

The HDMI output function allows an operator or administrator to monitor the kiosk from a safe distance.

Digital signage functionality:

It can display the content of digital signage when the temperature control kiosk is not in use.

The temperature kiosk face recognition temperature measurement screen is combined with the high-precision temperature measurement module, realize the face temperature measurement, human verification, with the face recognition door, Access control facial recognition and other products in facial recognition at the same time, it will carry out temperature detection outside.

After enabling it, it will take the initiative to restrict the passage of those whose body temperature is not up to par. The compensation temperature can be configured according to the environment to meet the operating requirements in different scenarios.

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