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By: Tom Chung 05/26/2021

How can hands-free kiosk help in this pandemic?

Touchless or hand-free kiosks are in trend nowadays as they can help to spread viruses, bacteria, and other disease-causing agents by eliminating the need for touching screen surfaces.

The digitization of retail has brought tools that combine the online and offline worlds to improve communication between retailers and the consumer. Among them, the digital hands-free kiosks stand out, which are signage tools adapted to current times. For all retailers, Kiosks offer a host of opportunities that can bring many benefits to the business. Interactive digital kiosks are a perfect tool for customers to have access to information, products, or services of the brand.

Some of the characteristics of these digital kiosks are:


To achieve interaction, the content displayed on the Digital Kiosk must include calls to action. These messages may have the objective of collecting information or the opinion of the client, that he downloads an application in a way that serves to promote omnichannel communication and engagement.

Audience analytics:

Hands-free kiosks can be equipped with cameras to analyze the audience in real-time, anonymously, and respecting their privacy. In this way, data such as gender, age range, content impressions, or attention time are collected.

This enables retailers to improve the efficiency of their marketing campaigns by segmenting messages based on visitor profiles, optimizing displayed content, and providing an optimal shopping experience.

Cloud-based CMS:

The most important component of the hands-free Kiosk is the content management system (CMS). The CMS must be able to handle the displayed digital content, including dynamic files, and schedule, adapt, update and send content to the store screens, in real-time.

Interactive digital kiosks are very useful to communicate directly with customers and offer them relevant information, coupons, or discounts, as well as to collect information from customers who interact with the content.

The location of the digital kiosk is very important since located in a strategic place and with attractive content and offers, it can attract more customers, show them the identity of the brand first-hand and improve the shopping experience while increasing engagement.

The benefits that these interactive digital hands-free kiosks bring to brands are:

Improve the customer's shopping experience:

Digital hands-free kiosks are a solution that can transform the customer's visit to the physical store. Thanks to the analysis carried out by the retailers and the personalization of the content. Now the purchase process becomes a sensory and pleasant experience, which will ensure that the customer does not forget the brand and becomes loyal to it.

It is possible to ensure that the visitor only receives information that may be of interest to him at the right time, and allows him to interact with the content to take the information or promotions home. So that, he can finish the purchase process outside the store, which improves your shopping experience.

Increase visits from potential customers:

The brand can use the digital hands-free Kiosk to reach more customers without making other investments in the store. Digital kiosks increase the visibility of the brand in the store and can attract a large number of new potential customers, increasing the possibility of ending their journey in a purchase.

If the development and design of the digital kiosk are carried out strategically, it will be a very profitable tool when it comes to expanding the business and increasing the loyalty of potential customers.

Optimize staff costs and increase sales:

Interactive hands-free kiosks are the perfect solution to allow customers to access all the information in the store as soon as they enter it. Thus, they are informed of the latest updates and offers available while workers can dedicate themselves to other tasks.

They also serve to train the staff and facilitate the work of human resources departments, since they can know the precise number of employees for each moment.

In addition, the collection and analysis of information can help retailers to optimize decision-making to optimize their campaigns and achieve greater returns on investment.

Some of the main applications offered by hands-free kiosk:

Information point:

These interactive Kiosks provide information about products or services and allow visitors to read texts or watch videos at their own pace. Information points can be installed in retail stores, museums, historical sites, and other tourist attractions.

Wayfinding kiosk:

This solution is ideal for large spaces such as shopping centers, airports, hospitals, etc. It is used to help customers find their destination within larger venues, enhancing their experience and comfort.

Sales and printing kiosk:

It works as a self-service kiosk where customers can buy, print, or collect information, tickets, coupons, discounts, brochures, etc.

Thus, hands-free kiosks are the right tool to offer users all the information about a brand's products and services. The Kiosks have as advantages for the brand, the interactivity that it creates with the client, the data analytics according to age, gender, etc., and the remote content management from any place connected to the network.

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