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By: Tom Chung 05/28/2021

How can my business save money using self-service kiosks?

Secure self-service bill payment ordering kiosks are interactive tools that allow customers to access your menu and more. As your customers become more technologically savvy, they also expect the same level of technological sophistication wherever they shop, whether online or in person.

In this ever-changing environment, customers are looking to consume quickly - this is one reason why secure self-service bill payment kiosks are increasingly common in restaurants.

Ordering secure bill payment kiosks software reduces waiting time. Still, they also generate customer interest and make the ordering process more enjoyable and straightforward with the many choices and the display of lists of ingredients and substitutes.

Why install an order kiosk in the restaurant and hospitality industry?

Here are the different advantages of having a touchscreen control terminal in a restaurant and hospitality industry:

Optimize order management and restaurant productivity:

While customers independently order their meals, staff can focus on preparing orders and delivering orders to customers. Focusing on this task makes the restaurant more efficient, and the service is much better quality. Staff can focus on the most complex tasks.

Minimize the wait at the checkout:

More staff in order preparation will also help reduce the wait at the checkout. When some restaurant outlets achieve more than 80% of their turnover in just 2 hours, it is impossible to let customers go because the wait is too long.

Limit human errors in order taking:

With haste and fatigue, human errors exist, especially at the order-taking stage. There are minor errors in taking an order, cashing in, preparing orders, or creating a loyalty card. A restaurant touch screen ordering kiosk will take care of order taking and customer changes and the cash out without any problem!

Increase the average basket:

By ordering via a touch screen terminal, it is possible to configure the airport to offer additional products to the current order. Dessert on top of a menu? A pastry with a hot drink? A supplement with a dish? All of these proposals increase the average basket and maximize restaurant sales. There was a 25% increase in the average basket of points of sale equipped with payment terminals.

Sending the order form to the kitchen:

Immediate dispatch to reduce waiting times and have a better flow in the preparation of orders.

Take advantage of a communication medium:

Can also use A touch control terminal to broadcast advertising messages, announcements, events, promotions. Within your establishment, you boost display and modernize your sales area while promoting sales

Automate check-in and checkout from the self-service Kiosk:

With a secure self-service bill payment kiosk, you will save your guests the lengthy check-in and checkout process at reception. With this, you will also be able to make an excellent first impression of your hotel. And thus, reducing the work of the reception staff.

Manage guest profiles and reservations from the mobile Kiosk:

Instead of manually jotting down guest details, self-service mobile kiosks allow them to create their profiles and fill in basic guest details, likes, preferences, travel history, etc.

This will help you maintain, without errors, the data of your customers and thus serve them according to their preferences. Through the self-completed data of the guests, you can surprise them by offering them some detail or offer for their birthday or on any special occasion.

It also gives guests an option to extend their stay at the hotel, modify reservations, add guests, additional bedding, or even cancel their reservation.

Use guest data for marketing purposes:

Hotel mobile kiosks enhance the ability to sell packages and services to guests. Your hotel may use the stored information to create personalized marketing emails for your guests. You can identify the most lucrative customer segments and offer them customized hotel packages.

All of this makes things simple for both guests and hotel staff. Start offering special discounts or happy hours and watch your hotel's revenue grow.

Thus, it is no news that interactive digital kiosks are essential tools for the retail sector's future. They can increase the visibility and awareness of the brand by potential customers and offer you precious information about them.

This type of Kiosk is beneficial to accelerate the business volume of any store since it can boost income while improving the customer's shopping experience so that the beneficiaries of this type of solution are both the brands as customers.

Consequently, by using secure self-service bill payment kiosk software, one of the main benefits for customers is that they no longer need to wait in long queues. They can now get products or services quickly. And so, the core value for the business is improved conversion and increased sales. Moreover, the marketing team can utilize kiosk data for advertising purposes.

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