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By: Tom Chung 05/30/2021

How much does a self-service kiosk typically cost?

It is a way to automate commercial transactions, whether in shops, cinemas, hotels, restaurant chains, and fast food. This technology allows speeding up customer management. Through self-service kiosks, customers can: locate stores within shopping malls, get numbers in pharmacies and banks, scan items in supermarkets and bookstores, enter data, etc.

Through these systems of quick access to information, users have a different experience. Self-service Kiosks help the public faster than human attention could develop. This allows placing people who were previously in customer service, in different roles that also help improve the customer experience.

Nowadays, the self-management islands of McDonald's allow the consumer to: receive their welcome, customize their menu with the details that their taste requests, know the offers of the day, and end up being a reference of the brand.

Can self-service kiosk systems help my company?

Implementing a self-service Kiosk System based on Tablets helps customer service to be faster, reducing waiting downtime and reducing the number of people who leave because they do not wait any longer.

It allows employees to focus on customers buying a greater variety of complementary products and services, and helps make them more satisfied. For Electronics stores that sell and display: Tablets, Notebooks, Smartphones, Apple Watch, and electronic products for personal use.

McDonald's is beginning to transform the experience of its customers, which reduces the time of advice and payment by 6%, which would allow it to increase its share of the fast-food market by up to 4%.

Self-service kiosks for restaurants:

Do you want to improve the speed of service while continuing to provide a quality customer experience? Self-service kiosks with cloud-based point-of-sale software, provide restaurant owners with exceptional flexibility and superior customer service.

The kiosks can be deployed in any location, from a casual quick-service restaurant to a fast-food restaurant. More and more restaurants are switching to kiosks equipped with the latest software to speed up the ordering process, increase customer spending and reduce wait times.

How much does a self-service kiosk typically cost?

According to a report by, the normal cost of a single kiosk unit including scanner, display, receipt printer, and credit card reader is around $5,000. This cost can be up depending on what type of customizations restaurants decide to add.

How do our self-service kiosk systems work?

A self-service kiosk acts as a self-service POS system. Customers can order and pay directly at the terminals. It is therefore a completely fluid, contactless service. Customers appreciate the ability to buy without waiting or delay.

- They order and pay at their convenience by placing their order the way they want.

- The system can suggest additional items that may be of interest to the customer.

- The order is then automatically transferred to the kitchen via the KDS integration.

- Once the operation is complete, the customer is notified that their order is ready.

- Customers can easily order other items by going through the kiosk again.

What are the advantages of a self-service point of sale?

The use of self-service kiosks in restaurants is democratizing around the world. The kiosks provide an effective platform for restaurants that need to adapt to new on-site and off-site dining environments.

- Faster service and reduced waiting times

- Improved efficiency and bulkier orders with upselling prompts

- Improved control accuracy

- More targeted upselling

- Simplified data registration and loyalty program registration

- Improved operational efficiency

What is the ideal self-service kiosk for your business?

There are some criteria that you must take into account when purchasing one of these self-service kiosks since the reality of each local, branch or business varies. Here we list the points that you should reflect on when taking the necessary step to automate customer service:

Modular design:

This is one of the important elements to consider is the space that these devices occupy, especially when it comes to small businesses, as it is known that some self-service kiosks could take up a lot of space from the premises.

On the other hand, always keep in mind to locate your self-service kiosk in a strategic place where the customer feels comfortable and comfortable when using it, without hindering the journey of your other buyers.


Self-service kiosks must be able to adapt to the reality of each branch or business, and not only from the physical or material, but also from the functional point of view.

Optimization of your processes:

The self-service kiosk was designed in such a way that the client can self-manage their time and quality of service. In this way, employees or branch managers are available time to attend to what the machines cannot achieve.

This process, without a doubt, energizes and provides another experience to the client. However, it should not only be reduced there, since the self-service kiosk must be able to generate metrics or statistics that allow managers to make better decisions for the future in terms of service.

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