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By: Tom Chung 05/25/2021

Is self-ordering kiosks right for my business?

Self-order kiosks appear on the catering scene as a very useful tool. This is one more contribution to keep the restaurant active during the coronavirus. The need for social distancing and the reduction of the capacity of the rooms have sharpened creativity. 

And technology is re-emerging as a promising area that contributes to solving the problem, a problem that extends over time and whose duration cannot be predicted. 

These types of devices constitute a new interactive and modern ordering experience that is attractive to customers. All the dynamics of the restaurant are streamlined and at the same time, the reopening protocol is respected. There is no contact between people at the time of requests, as the self-order kiosk receives the requests and transfers them.

Benefits of installing self-order kiosks in the restaurant:

The customer enters the restaurant and places his order at a kiosk. This is one of the options. The system has several advantages, for the establishment and the customer.

- In fact, waiting times are shortened, because you don't have to wait for someone to take your order.

- In the self-order kiosks, the customer has all the information he needs to compose his order and does not need to speak to anyone. All the options of the dishes are well informed, with indications of ingredients and details of the foods and their prices.

- This modality involves more customers with their orders, and there will no longer be returns of dishes for an "I did not ask for this." One more reason that favors the restaurant.

- It is proven that when a customer uses self-ordering, he consumes more than if he has to ask the waiter.

- Costs are reduced, labor and returns are saved.

- Improve customer satisfaction. When ordering at a kiosk, customers calmly personalize their options. It does not depend on the explanations of a waiter who is sometimes not listened to with due attention.

- The kiosks include payment systems in cash or with digital means. Some receive bills and coins and dispense change.

- Order first, then enter the premises.

Restaurants and coronavirus: self-order kiosks for your restaurant:

Many people remain very scared of the coronavirus. They try to take all possible precautions to avoid getting infected. They are especially concerned because staying indoors for a long time with other people is a major risk factor.

Precisely, with the self-order kiosks, the customer can place the order outside the premises and enter later, when their order is ready. This is another option for using this tool.

This system is achieved by placing the device inside the premises, against the windows facing the street. People operate from the street on a projected touch screen. 

This makes the decision to enter the premises easier. The indecisive customer browses the kiosk, looks around, their desire to choose arises, finally, they choose and the decision to enter is made.

An alternative that allows another possibility with the kiosk is the conversational chatbot with voice, which replaces the touch screen. It is a very inclusive option, which brings self-order kiosks to the blind or to people who find it difficult to operate with intelligent machines.

Self-order kiosks in the drive-thru:

Self-order kiosks make their way into all kinds of food outlets. Many drive-thrus (or drive-through) have adopted them. The drive-thru is the way to buy food without getting out of the car.

With self-order kiosks, the lines of cars in the waiting lanes are shortened. And although it has nothing to do with the coronavirus and its risks, they favor the business. The car arrives in line, places its order at the kiosk and when it arrives at the sales window, your order is ready.

Other utilities of self-order kiosks:

When kiosks integrate good software, they can be an evaluation and data analysis tool for improvement. They record operations, issue status reports, and the restorer can gain real insight into their business. What are the rush hours? What products are sold the most? How do customers behave?

These teams also allow an evaluation of the products and anticipate their possible decline. And measure the impact of the news. Cross-data analysis is essential to project the restaurant, and the self-service kiosk offers this possibility without increasing costs. In addition, it makes it possible to compose promotions to attract customer attention.

The utility of self-service kiosks certainly transcends the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus. As you experiment with them, utilities are discovered and functionality refined. Technology does not stop serving the world and, especially, the commercial field. You just need to open up to innovation, ride the wave of the new reality and rethink the business.

So, get more speed, more customer convenience, and immediate return on investment with a self-service kiosk. Seamless integration with back-office sales, loyalty, and inventory tracking.

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