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By: Tom Chung 05/25/2021

What are self-service kiosks?

With the tendency to turn customer service into an increasingly autonomous process, companies that have not yet updated must know the tools necessary to stay competitive in the market.

One of these implements that promote the autonomous attention of your customers is the self-service kiosks. However, despite the great benefits that this brings, not all companies or branches have been encouraged to take the step.

Whether due to doubts or ignorance, we want to give you detailed information about self-service kiosks, their benefits, and what you should think about when purchasing one for your business.

Self-service kiosks:

Self-service manufacturing kiosks are electronic tools usually located at strategic points in some businesses or companies that offer customer services. The range of commercial transactions that can carry out from this device can benefit from cinemas to restaurant chains and even banks or public notaries.

Some companies also know these as self-service totems, and in the case of bank branches, as turnomatics. However, the reality with self-service manufacturing kiosks is that they operate in a much more complex way to satisfy all user concerns.

Generally, this confusion lies in the fact that the beginnings of the chromatics did not have any intelligence capable of giving something beyond a number for a waiting line. With the self-service manufacturing kiosk, the customer can obtain these numbers located in a geographic space of a shopping centre, scan supermarket items, enter data, among others.

All in all, self-Service manufacturing Kiosks are essentially devices that allow the customer to interact with a company directly, receiving services at their convenience.

It is a way to automate commercial transactions, whether in shops, cinemas, hotels, restaurant chains, and Fast Food. This technology allows speeding up customer management. Through self-service manufacturing kiosks, customers can: locate stores within shopping malls, get numbers in pharmacies and banks, scan items in supermarkets and bookstores, enter data, etc.

Through these systems of quick access to information, users have a different experience. Quick Self Service KIOSK helps the public faster than human attention could develop. This allows placing people who were previously in customer service in various roles that also help improve the customer experience.

Nowadays, the self-management islands of the McDonalds of the Unicenter food court allow the consumer to:

Benefits of self-service kiosks:

  • Receive their welcome.
  • Personalize their menu with the details that their taste asks for.
  • Know the offers of the day.
  • End up being a reference of the brand.

Studies carried out in 2017 determined that 73% of electronic stores, banks, and health centres, customers who use the self-service, feel an additional added value for tablets.

Previously, when we explained what a quick self-service solution kiosk is, it was almost impossible not to notice the great advantages of having a tool like this for the customer.

And it is that these provide more immediate access to the information that each client requires in a completely autonomous way and without the need for the help of third parties. In addition, it benefits the branch or business since it frees up the modules and managers in time to attend to what the machines really cannot do.

For being a large number of advantages, we present a list of the most outstanding benefits of quick self-service kiosks:

- The user makes his order, purchase, reservation, or makes a procedure and reduces the waiting time.

- Greater productivity in your employees by reducing unnecessary workload.

- It generates greater sales mobility and better distribution of personnel during peak hours.

- Self-service kiosks offer uninterrupted service from the moment your business or branch closes until it opens.

- Autonomy generates an increase in average sales, suggesting new items to the customer to complete their order.

- It can function as a means of payment, which accepts bills, coins, credit cards, customer or prepaid cards.

- The needs of each business only limit the capabilities of the self-service kiosks. That is, it has a comprehensive ability to adapt.

Can self-service kiosk systems help my company?

Implementing a quick self-service Kiosk System based on Tablets helps customer service be faster, reducing waiting downtime and reducing the number of people who leave because they do not wait any longer.

Also, it allows employees to focus on customers buying a greater variety of complementary products and services and helps make them more satisfied. For Electronics stores that sell and display: Tablets, Notebooks, Smartphones, Apple Watch, and electronic products for personal use, we recommend this product.

McDonald's is beginning to transform the experience of its customers, which reduces the time of advice and payment by 6%, which would allow it to increase its share of the Fast-Food market by up to 4%.

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