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By: Tom Chung 05/27/2021

What is the future of Self-Service Kiosks?

The point of sale or physical store faces constant challenges, mainly since online stores appeared; the average consumer today has changed their habits or way of buying, acquiring a large part of products and services online.

For this reason, the retail sales of many commercial premises have begun to implement technological solutions in their favor, to facilitate the shopping experience in the physical store and to look more like what buyers aspire. It is a modern establishment where you can conveniently make interactive digital purchases but in person.

This novel transformation is known as a self-service digital kiosk in physical store retail, and it is a trend that has been increasing mainly in the USA and Europe.

Thus, investment by retailers as of 2020 will be based, mainly, on incorporating advanced analytics and technological optimization; implementing digital kiosks in stores with greater business intelligence.

What is a self-service kiosk in retail?

Depending on its applications, the self-service kiosk can be a self-service device, responsible for sharing information with the customer; display brochures, promotions, and offers sell, give discounts, coupons, and print tickets.

Also being interactive, they function as information points for products and/or services, through screens in the form of texts, images, or videos; these appear consecutively to the rhythm of the spectators. Ideal for retail businesses and other tourist sites such as museums. It is a perfect tool for promotion and self-service.

The design and functionality of this type of interactive digital kiosk are such attractive qualities that the commercial retail world at traditional points of sale is increasingly excited to implement them to change the way they interact with their customers.

Future of Self-Service Kiosk:

Technological changes are creating historical changes in the footprints of the Kiosk Management System market. Over the next 10 years, we believe this system will accelerate.

It will be necessary to rewrite the traditional classifications of the Kiosk Management System industry. Where the boundaries of the Kiosk Management System industry begin, where they end, and who the major players are will be available in various sectors. We analyze what is happening in the Kiosk Management System market.

The global self-service kiosk market is expected to grow with a Compound Annual Growth Rate – CAGR of 10.16% between 2020 and 2023. North America and Europe are estimated to be the main users of self-service kiosks between 2018 and 2026.

- These kiosk systems will be boosting the local market, more accurately with the use of payment gateways.

- Self-service kiosk will be responding to buying patterns in real-time. That means that brands and/or companies will have more access to updates and data to better understand the needs of the customers.

- This system may display information from other companies, brands, and/or partners.

- Self-service kiosk equipment will be allowing the physical world to combine with the digital world. The best example of this is the possibility to order, pay, and collect products.

These are the main functionalities of a self-service kiosk:

- Attention request

- Catalog navigation

- Club registration

- Barcode reading to inquire about characteristics or price

- Size reservation or order

- Stock consultation in stores

- Product recommendation

- Presentation of offers

- Media player

What are the benefits of the self-service digital kiosk in retail?

This is one of the cases, where the technology is put at the service of the business to benefit both parties involved, “Client” and “Brand”.

On the one hand, the experience that the customer experiences when finding at a first glance the product that he needs or likes. Also, that it can have all the information about it in a practical way; without requiring the attention and information of a seller.

The average customer is attracted to the way the product is displayed in the store; The brand that practically seduces you digitally from the kiosk will catch your eye. Thus, the brand acquires popularity and is also favored.

Another benefit is that employees can dedicate themselves to other areas of the store, while the kiosks complement their inherent functions of promotion and sales.

How to make the most of the benefits of the self-service kiosk:

If you want customers to get hooked on your brand, display it efficiently in a kiosk, and provide all your information in detail; highlighting the virtues and advantages of each product. You must place the kiosk in a strategic place in the store, make it be seen from anywhere; especially where potential buyers flow the most.

In this way, by increasing the visibility of the said brand, more customers will know about it and, consequently, you accelerate the volume of your sales.

The retail sector is in constant change, accelerated by the digital revolution, in which there has been a transition from competition at the local level to competitiveness at a global level.

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