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By: Tom Chung 05/30/2021

Where can I find software for my self-service Kiosk?

Kiosks shorten waiting times, attract guests during the ordering process, and enable smarter choices by showing ingredient lists, substitutes, and modifiers. Don't you believe it? Take a closer look at why your restaurant needs a kiosk:

Shorter waiting times:

Self-service food ordering kiosks Solution is an unconventional solution that customers can use to control the ordering and payment process. Self-service food ordering kiosks can help reduce waiting times, as additional counter staff can keep the queues moving and send orders to the kitchen as quickly as possible. Although some people prefer to wait for a person, most people are comfortable and even look for this alternative to ordering food.

Larger average ticket size:

Millennials and tech fans come to the site every time they have a choice. The average ticket size for a kiosk order is larger than the ticket size for an agent placing an order as they upsell/cross-sell on every screen and transaction without the need for reminders or incentives. The automated prompts encourage customers to try new side dishes that they usually wouldn't order.

Improved order customization:

Sometimes guests have complex needs, and staff may have to enter a few entries and click many clicks between screens, which can be prone to errors. However, the Kiosk gives users a chance to see a complete list of changes and make more informed decisions, so it works perfectly every time.

Improved order accuracy:

Entering an order directly into a kiosk avoids errors when a written order is routed to a POS terminal, as correcting such errors takes time, money, and resources. Instead, demands from customers go to the kitchen via the newspaper kiosk. It's almost impossible to go wrong when entering an order, and it doesn't require the kitchen staff to recognize someone else's chicken scratch &.

Saved money:

Kiosks cannot replace workers, but they offer restaurateurs or operators the flexibility to redirect workers to other work regulations such as preparation, operation, or buses. A kiosk means that an order comes in quickly, and people need to be there to get things done in a rush.

Which is the software of the Kiosk?

Self-service kiosk software, powered by Oracle Simphony, can deliver precisely the kind of service customers want and expect. It would be best to rely on kiosk software that is fully integrated into your point-of-sale (POS) system.

It allows you to define a single repository on which you cannot lose or miss anything. Restaurants self-service ordering kiosks can easily collect data on consumer behaviour, usage, and trends. Real-time access to this data enables data-driven decisions to be made and targeted promotions to maximize order value across all channels.

- User-friendly interface

- Intuitive experience and flow for customers

- Personalized menu and photos

- Upsell prompts

- On-screen tip options

- KDS integration

Powerful kiosk integrations:

Oracle Simphony software for the kiosk system is built on a secure open API platform. You can easily connect to the hardware and software of your terminal if necessary. We offer a robust ecosystem of fully trusted Oracle Simphony integration partners and a selection of the best kiosk offerings in the industry. It has never been easier to customize your restaurant kiosk system to suit your business needs.

- Use your current kiosk system

- Choose the aesthetic that suits your restaurant

- Integrate kiosks and credit card processing directly into the Oracle Simphony POS system

- Choose from the industry's leading suppliers

Where can I find software for my self-service kiosk?

If you are looking for the best, reliable, and trustworthy software service provider, we recommend getting in with us at Jersey Shore Technology (

In addition to simplifying many purchasing operations, interactive self-service kiosk machines can add several other functions to a single device. With a single piece of equipment, the company can include functions such as the registration of CVs (assisting HR), Card Orders (assisting Commercial), Printing of slips (helping the Collections sector), issuing discount coupons (assisting Marketing), etc. Through these simple services offered on an electronic interface, the consumer can perform various tasks.

Benefit from a free consultation on the self-service ordering kiosk system:

Whatever your goals, Jersey Shore Technology is here to help. Whether you are looking to increase the speed of service, improve your bottom line, grow through new channels, add locations, explore franchising, or maximize customer loyalty, we have a comprehensive kiosk solution.

For any retail company looking to expand or a small business that is just starting, interactive self-service kiosks offer convenience, benefits and help grow the business.

The use of self-service kiosks in the retail environment is gaining popularity in the global market. Numerous companies are adopting the strategy of using this type of technology to increase revenue.

Contact one of our experts to determine which terminal point of sale hardware and software combination is best suited to your goals.

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